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Creating a One-Page Wonder

by Kenneth J. Newquist (September 2003)

Some think of a Web site, and imagine a huge, sprawling technomonstrosity hell bent on consuming all of their time and resources. Looking at the sheer intimidation factor - be it time, money or skill - they end up abandoning the idea of a Web site as being cost prohibitive. But it doesn't have to be like that...

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The Joys of Ego Surfing

by Kenneth J. Newquist (July 2003)

The Matrix has you... and you don't even know it. The surface of your ego has been skimmed from countless sources - Web pages you posted, stories you've written, disparaging words uttered by critics, the glowing praise of reviewers, and the unexpected contributions of literary clones who share your name.

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The Newbie E-zine Editor

by Raechel Henderson Moon (June 2003)

Running an e-zine (an online magazine) is quite a task. What are some ways that you can avoid your site becoming counted among the flotsam and jetsam of the Web?...

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Database Evangelism: Why You Must Convert

by Kenneth J. Newquist (May 2002)

Technology is wonderful. Databases are made with Technology. Therefore Databases are wonderful. But if you're a hard sell you can find out the reasons that Databases are wonderful, and how they can help your Speculative Fiction business endeavors...

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How to Support Your Fans

by N. E. Lilly (February 2002)

Face it, whether you're an illustrator, author, producer, or publisher, you have fans (or at least fans of your products). But have you ever thought that those people who want to be your best friend, could actually be your best friend? Here's how you can help your fans use you to your advantage, and theirs...

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Marketing Through Amazon

by Thomas M. Sipos (November 2001)

Thomas M. Sipos again takes us to the self-publishing world, and tells us about the problems, possibilities, and issues associated with having your books listed on

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Read the News

by N. E. Lilly (May 2001)

It occurred to me one day that there is one thing that any company or individual can do to put themselves ahead of any competition...

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Build a Chat Room

by Kenneth J. Newquist (April 2001)

Pros and Cons of building what was supposed to be the Internet's 'killer app' but now can be seen to be a useful web site enhancement, like message boards and newsletters. Find out if a chat room could be a useful tool for you...

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A Sixth Sense of Business

by N. E. Lilly (March 2001)

Without paying attention to some basic business principles, as illustrated in M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Sixth Sense' you'll find yourself saying 'I see dead companies' and it might be yours...

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Create a Newsletter

by N. E. Lilly (February 2001)

Creating a newsletter can help you to keep in touch with people who are highly loyal to your speculative fiction business. Here is what you need to know...

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Business Lessons in Speculative Fiction

by N. E. Lilly (January 2001)

Recently we realized that Speculative Fiction stories hold valuable lessons for business in general. We examine several science fiction classics of the fifties to see if they hold any lessons that need to be learned by the speculative fiction businesses of today. Lessons that it's never too late to learn...

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Don't Hire A Fan, Yet!

by N. E. Lilly (December 2000)

You may think that hiring speculative fiction fans to work for your speculative fiction business will solve all your problems. Well, here's the down side that you may have to watch out for...

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Hire a Fan!

by N. E. Lilly (November 2000)

Most companies go to great lengths to create a good working environment where people really want to go into work every day. Maybe they shouldn't be focusing on the environment so much as the people that they hire...

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