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Read the News

~ by N. E. Lilly (May 2001) ~

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All too often we live within our own little isolated world that consists of those people who are immediately around us, whether they be friends, family, fans, or business associates. We tend to get wrapped up in our own little cliche.

The problem is that often they won't tell us anything new about the world. That's part of the charm of having really close friends. They are likely to have the same interests as we do, read the same magazines, and go to many of the same web sites. So we can become trapped in our own little stagnant, but comfortable, world view.

But there is a great big Universe out there with new things happening every day. You should know about it. If you content yourself with your own little island of consciousness, then eventually you will be over run with 'alien' invaders. New ideas that you were completely unaware of, and have no means of defending against, will eventually hit you in the head like a brick.

The impact of reading the news will be felt in your day to day operations. It could be the difference between learning what's going to happen in three months (and being able to plan for it) or finding out what just happened.

What are the benefits of reading the news?

The news can fall into three major categories- Things that don't effect you, things that will damage your business, and things that your business will profit by...

The bottom line here is that any bit of information can be taken advantage of, but you can't take advantage of information that you are completely unaware of. If you find out that something is happening in your particular neck of the speculative fiction industry, then you can be sure that there is some way for you to exploit it.

There are various high quality news sources online that you can take advantage of, but as long as you're here, why not take a look at the GreenTentacles news log? We've already scoped out articles that may be of interest to speculative fiction businesses. We figured that as long as we're reading the news anyway, then we may as well forward along articles of interest for your use.

The GreenTentacles 'News Log'

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