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Web Design

We offer web design and web development services using various graphic formats, HTML and XHTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP, and other scripting languages, provide SEO and Search Engine submission, Flash and other multimedia technologies, MySQL and other databases, and a variety of other web based practices, processes, and technologies.

If that didn't make any sense to you then the gist of it is: We can help your web site to do great things that will help increase sales and lower costs.

We design all of our sites to provide a firm base upon which you can build your Internet presence. Our sites are suitable for your first foray onto the Internet or to build on your current Internet presence.

All sites include the following features:

Single Page web sites

($300 USD)

You may consider this the online equivalent of a business card. A one page web site may just have a photo of you or your company, a short paragraph about yourself and what you do, and some basic contact details. You may also think of this as the 8x10 glossy and bio that models use - doesn't give a lot of information, but it's something to show people. Sometimes that's all you need.

Point of Presence web sites

($700+ USD)

People and businesses who want to establish their presence on the Internet and provide a means for contacting new customers will find that this entry level website is a great way to promote themselves. We have found the a small "point of presence" site to be an excellent starting point to help increase communication with customers, clients, and fans through the Internet.

Having a Point of Presence on the web is an ideal starting point for professionals and companies wishing to test the water with the web. The advantage of having a point of presence online is that it is available 24 hours a day and can be working for you even during off hours. An online point of presence can be used by customers to locate you and gain contact details, information and even make enquiries by e-mail.

Depending on the size of your web site you can display information about you company and the products or services you deal with. A two or three page business card web site will allow you to add product or service details plus a fuller company description. You could also add further contact details such as maps and directions.

Interactive Brochure

($1800+ USD)

Typically this is the kind of site that most people think of, when dreaming about web sites. We offer a medium sized 8-12 "page" web site which is useful for providing background and service information. The online company brochure promotes your business all over the world bringing in a multitude of new clients and furthering your field of influence.

The Interactive Brochure allows you to add depth to your web presence. With this type of web site you have the ability to explain and actually show your product or service range. Each of your products or services can have a full description plus pictures to help the customer get a better understanding of the product or service. Don't forget the old proverb a picture speaks a thousand words.

Interactive Brochures allow you to promote the full expertise of your company. Photographs and drawings can help to advance the professional image of your company. Whatever your company deals in can be promoted with an Interactive Brochure, from hotels with rooms and menus, to engineering companies with full product descriptions.

The features of such a site can include:

Information Center

($1800+ USD)

All of the content of the Expanded Presence site, with added flexibility of having the ability to add new content to specific portions of the site (products, articles, stories, etc.) on your own... An online Information Center allows you to not only to make many updates without our involvement, but to also add new content at your own convenience.

An Information Center's goal is to have an automated web site that distributes news, files, articles, and other content. For more information about just what such a site entails read our article, Database Evangelism: Should You Convert?, about database driven websites.

The features of such a site can include:

Custom Sites


When all is said and done, every site is a custom site. The "packages" above are relatively generic, and we believe that they will only be exactly tailored to a small portion of people. We don't see how it can be any other way. A 5 page site for company X isn't likely to be very similar to a 5 page site for professional Y.

If you have some specific ideas about your web site in mind, we can help you to build your site into what you need for your business. We can work with you to develop, upgrade, or update your web site. We can provide support for users who want to monitor their own site and we can host sites of nearly any size.

If you have specific idea about your web site and they don't seem to fit in with any of the other packages then don't worry, we can base our design and development using your ideas. We can help you to design your web site exactly the way you want it. Our design team can work to your requirements to make a professional web site that will help to enhance your reputation.

Whatever type of business you have we can design a web site to suit your company and its needs.

Additional Features

Often, due to the nature of your web project, we will make recommendations for certain additional items. Items that might not be strictly required, but would be useful to achieve your desired results. These features are recommended, but not strictly necessary, such as...


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