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Don't Hire A Fan, Yet!

~ by N. E. Lilly (December 2000) ~

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Hiring someone that is genuinely excited about working for your company may give older companies a needed boost. Seeing one of your employees excited about their work and you may be tempted to let them run amok. Don't. Enthusiasm (or some may say obsession) is the defining characteristic of a fan.

Enthusiasm can overwhelm the entire company, and before you know it, you could be taking on more than your company can handle.

Fans are known to be obsessive. Here are some of the pitfalls that you may have, if you hire speculative fiction fans for your speculative fiction business:

Enthusiasm for their work, and your company, is a good thing. But if it is left alone to run wild, then it could get out of control. Don't get carried away. Let all things be in moderation. A good manager will be able to rein in the enthusiasm, without choking it off entirely. If you destroy someone's enthusiasm for your company, then you can be sure that they won't stay there much longer.

Having a periodic meeting will help to focus that enthusiasm, so that you're not trying to do ten things at once. Stay true to your goals, but don't be so inflexible as to not consider new projects or ideas that your employee/fans bring to you.

Hiring a fan is a good thing to do- when all other requirements prove equal. An enthusiastic fan with only a little experience will end up costing you money. Taken all in all though, I'd rather hire someone who loves my company and would really like to be a part of its success.

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