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The Twitter List

Do you Twitter and write or edit Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror? If so, then add your name to the list!

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nelilly (Nathan E. Lilly) nelilly's website

edits Thaumatrope, SpaceWesterns and provides web development services to SF pros through GreenTentacles.

doctorow (Cory Doctorow)

JeremiahTolbert (JeremiahTolbert) JeremiahTolbert's website

Writer, SF Geek, Web Designer, Photographer, the man behind Dr. Roundbottom

MaryRobinette (Mary Robinette Kowal) MaryRobinette's website

Puppeteer and SF writer

scalzi (John Scalzi) scalzi's website

I enjoy pie.

mmerriam (Michael Merriam) mmerriam's website

SF/F/H Writer

pabba (Paul Abbamondi) pabba's website

Creativity in an empty bottle of iced tea. I draw, I write, I sleep as much as possible. Carry on.

rakdaddy (Adam Rakunas) rakdaddy's website

Death or cake?

victoriajanssen (victoriajanssen) victoriajanssen's website


KenMcConnell (Ken McConnell) KenMcConnell's website

IT worker and SF writer.

koldobarroso (Koldo Barroso) koldobarroso's website

Magic Realism illustrator and storyteller

rsdevin (R. Schuyler Devin) rsdevin's website

[AUTHOR]-Writing, Reading, Songcraft, Poetry, Toys, Archeology, Mythology, Coins, Stamps, Tech, Conspiracies, Etymology, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Comics, Travel, History

seanmarkey (sean markey)

SF Writer, Musician, Teacher, and slush reader for Clarkesworld,

matociquala (matociquala) matociquala's website

I tell lies to strangers for money

JLCoburn (JLCoburn) JLCoburn's website

SAHD of 3 and writer trying to hold on to My sanity.

StoneTable (Adam Israel) StoneTable's website

Writer, hacker, compulsive multi-tasker

derekmolata (Derek Molata) derekmolata's website

SF/F writer. Less talk; more steam. Amaretto dreams.

aliettedb (Aliette de Bodard) aliettedb's website

Engineer. Writer.

AletheaKontis (AletheaKontis) AletheaKontis's website

Ingram Book Buyer, Author, Editor, Interviewer, and Magic Storytelling Genre Princess

pnh (P Nielsen Hayden) pnh's website


ecmyers (E.C. Myers) ecmyers's website

I am a writer who spends too much time on the internet.

mizd (Robin Catesby)

Writer, crafter, Wordpress addict, NBA junkie, and karaoke DJ. (No, really.)

dropsofcrimson (Drops of Crimson) dropsofcrimson's website

Urban Fantasy Magazine

morriganbooks (Morrigan Books) morriganbooks's website

Specializing in dark fiction and horror.

jaekaebee (jaekaebee) jaekaebee's website


dbassingthwaite (Don Bassingthwaite) dbassingthwaite's website

Fantasy Writer. Geek. Procrastinator.

RindaElliott (RindaElliott) RindaElliott's website

Urban Fantasy Author

WheatmarkBooks (WheatmarkBooks) WheatmarkBooks's website

book publishing authors writers novelist marketing POD books publishers

susan_adrian (Susan Adrian) susan_adrian's website

YA writer

deirdresm (Deirdre) deirdresm's website

On safari for the fruit company. Science fiction writer. Pen fiend.

snurri (snurri)

LadyHawkins (LadyHawkins) LadyHawkins's website

betsydornbusch (betsydornbusch) betsydornbusch's website


Paul_Cornell (Paul_Cornell) Paul_Cornell's website

Writer of books, TV, comics, etc.

nethspace (nethspace) nethspace's website

I run the review blog Neth Space

jesswynne (Jessica Reisman) jesswynne's website

jsmithready (Jeri Smith-Ready) jsmithready's website

Author of several romantic and urban fantasy novels, including WICKED GAME, about a con artist and a vampire radio station.

jennablack (Jenna Black) jennablack's website

Author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy

leanneshawler (leanneshawler) leanneshawler's website

timpratt (timpratt) timpratt's website

A writer of various things.

mark_henry (mark_henry) mark_henry's website

Urban Fantasy Comedy Author

discorobot (Grant Stone) discorobot's website

every building I go into I make sure to have an escape plan in case of zombies

jenwriter (Jen Hayley) jenwriter's website

Writer, Blogger and Bibliophile

scott_tracey (Scott Tracey) scott_tracey's website

Writer, Server, and all around sarcastic smartmouth.

garethlpowell (garethlpowell) garethlpowell's website

author and copywriter

LoriDevoti (LoriDevoti) LoriDevoti's website

author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy

AlyxDellamonica (Alyx Dellamonica) AlyxDellamonica's website

SF author and teacher, based in Vancouver, BC.

leebattersby (leebattersby) leebattersby's website

Award-winning Australian author of over 70 stories

markteppo (Mark Teppo) markteppo's website

Writer: Lightbreaker, this fall from Night Shade Books

thexmedic (Jonathan Wood) thexmedic's website


thesciphishow (The Sci Phi Show) thesciphishow's website

dsawyer (J. Daniel Sawyer) dsawyer's website

Author, podcaster, filmmaker, photographer

BarbaraSheridan (BarbaraSheridan) BarbaraSheridan's website

Published author and over-aged fangirl

etherius (Chris Lester) etherius's website

High School Biology Teacher. Creator of the Metamor City Podcast. Compulsive RPG gamer. Probably not technically insane.

mwsmedia (Matthew Selznick) mwsmedia's website

Author of "Brave Men Run," podcaster, musician.

snarkdogg (The Snarky Avenger) snarkdogg's website

The Snarky Avenger

KChrisH (Chris H) KChrisH's website

Host of the Kick in the Cast and Outcast Podcasts

PhilippaJane (Philippa Ballantine) PhilippaJane's website

Writer, podcaster and librarian

pauljessup (pauljessup) pauljessup's website

weird writer extradonaire

pseudosu (pseudosu) pseudosu's website

I write YA novels, weld artwork and jam-out. Often hilarity, weirdness and hijincks ensue.

workingtitlecms (Catherine Haines) workingtitlecms's website

Hoping to become a published author; currently working on BLOOD BOUND.

bethbernobich (bethbernobich) bethbernobich's website

Writer, reader, mother, geek

PauletteJaxton (Paulette Jaxton) PauletteJaxton's website

Wanna be fantasy and scifi writer; noob-podcaster; software goddess; geocacher

scottneumyer (Scott Neumyer) scottneumyer's website

Writer & Photo-Maker |

TeeMonster (Tee Morris) TeeMonster's website

Writer, Podcaster, and Daydreamer

adribbleofink (Aidan Moher) adribbleofink's website

Blogger and Writer. Editor of A Dribble of Ink, a Speculative Fiction blog.

starlightwriter (starlightwriter) starlightwriter's website

I am a writer currently working on my first book. Wish me luck!

PaulGrahamRaven (Paul Graham Raven) PaulGrahamRaven's website

Library assistant, keyboard jockey, web publisher, scruffy bastard.

WriterWay (Karen Anderson) WriterWay's website

writer, ghost blogger, SEO content producer, Trailer Park Yoga aficionado

KathrynC (KathrynC) KathrynC's website

A writer, critic, science fiction & fantasy anthologist, & Internet consultant.

merrileefaber (merrileefaber) merrileefaber's website

Writer, naturalist, mother

GaryCorby (Gary Corby) GaryCorby's website

Writer of historical mysteries set in Classical Athens. My detective is Nicolaos, elder brother of Socrates.

jeanie_w (Jeanie Wogaman) jeanie_w's website


jeffsoesbe (Jeff Soesbe) jeffsoesbe's website

nerd who writes and stays fit

Makavelis (Andrei Dobra) Makavelis's website

KDSarge (KDSarge) KDSarge's website

Life is SF & F.

SheilaRuth (SheilaRuth) SheilaRuth's website

Empress of YA fantasy and science fiction

faerye (Felicity Shoulders) faerye's website

Hydrophilic author and full-time fangirl seeks comfy chairs and ways to get paid to write and read.

jcsimonds (Jacqueline Simonds) jcsimonds's website

Publisher, distributor, book packager, author (Captain Mary, Buccaneer) - madly funny (or funny madly)

terrancehansen (Chris Hansen) terrancehansen's website

Exploring the universe, one letter at a time.

DeadlyAccurate (DeadlyAccurate) DeadlyAccurate's website

Inventor of air. Kazoo virtuoso. Immeasurably modest.

inkgypsy (inkgypsy) inkgypsy's website

Human/zombie hybrid who wishes she had tastier brains to snack on while working, wears socks made out of old muppets, grows her own hair.

shaunduke (shaunduke) shaunduke's website

UCSC student, science fiction/fantasy writer, blogger, book reviewer, and much more!

TezMillerOz (Tez Miller) TezMillerOz's website

Reader. Reviewer. Blogger. Urban fantasy & futuristic.

jelundberg (Jason Erik Lundberg) jelundberg's website

A writer of fantastical fiction, and a USian expatriate living in Singapore. He runs Two Cranes Press with Janet Chui.

Colleen_Lindsay (Colleen_Lindsay) Colleen_Lindsay's website

Literary agent, book marketer, writer, professional nerd. Currently worshipping at the altar of digital media.

GrayRinehart (Gray Rinehart) GrayRinehart's website

Writer, Editor, Retired USAF Officer -- Author of QUALITY EDUCATION, various essays & articles, and some fiction

shadesong (Shadesong) shadesong's website

Writer. Eccentric housewife. Short chick.

Beq (Beq)

Organizationally challenged. Amongst other things.

dark_opus (Todd Thorne) dark_opus's website

Into: writing, spec fiction, short stories, darkwave, new age, prog rock, renewable energy, unbounded learning, galactic mysteries... oh, and home brewing

SpiralGalaxy (SpiralGalaxy) SpiralGalaxy's website

SF/F Reviewer, Engineering grad student, devoted reader

BaronessHeather (Heather Harris) BaronessHeather's website

A romantic comedy directed by Ingmar Bergman

alexbracken (Alexandra Bracken) alexbracken's website

jimsissy (jimsissy)

Catrambo (Catrambo) Catrambo's website

Cat is a writer. And she reads a lot.

nadialee (Nadia (aka Angelle)) nadialee's website

A paranormal / SFF romance writer

acpaul (acpaul) acpaul's website

CVICU RN and aspiring author

leatherdykeuk (leatherdykeuk) leatherdykeuk's website

michaelspence (Michael Spence) michaelspence's website

Teacher, writer, editor, security officer, podcast actor. (Order your copy of SWORD AND SORCERESS 23 today!)

Nobilis (Nobilis) Nobilis's website

My Third Wave Power: Not Getting Rained On

argwriter (argwriter) argwriter's website

Writer & Professional lover of life!

jspock (Jeff Spock) jspock's website

Game and fiction writer living in Europe

Starwise (Starwise) Starwise's website

prolific writer, aspiring author, caption editor, avid reader, father and God-fearing Christian

neilbeynon (Neil) neilbeynon's website

Short, hairy and Welsh. Followed by the slapstick fairy whereever he goes.

ryanmwilliams (Ryan M Williams) ryanmwilliams's website

Writer, cyclist, expectant father

Kasey_Mackenzie (Kasey_Mackenzie) Kasey_Mackenzie's website

Urban fantasy author - debut book "Red Hot Fury" coming from Penguin @2010.

rajanyk (rajanyk) rajanyk's website

johnjosephadams (johnjosephadams) johnjosephadams's website

Editor. Writer. Geek.

jon_armstrong (jon_armstrong) jon_armstrong's website

Writer, designer, podcaster, and really bad, if futuristic, golfer.

plotwhisperer (plotwhisperer) plotwhisperer's website

plot consultant for writers

sandra_barret (sandra_barret) sandra_barret's website

Author (science fiction, romance, and anything that strikes my fancy)

Jnassise (Joe Nassise) Jnassise's website

Novelist - Content Creator - Creativity Coach. Author of the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles trilogy.

MikeOliveri (Mike Oliveri) MikeOliveri's website

Tech geek by day, horror and comic book writer by night

feralsapient (Morgan J Locke) feralsapient's website

SF Writer, Engineer

urbanfanland (Lindsay York Levack) urbanfanland's website

Online: urban fantasy blogger; Secret Identity: unknown

Urraca (Cesar) Urraca's website

Fiction writer, steampunker, journalist joe, information architect, eco-foodie, fitness dork

kazdreamer (Karen Mahoney) kazdreamer's website

Writer. Dreamer. Superhero.

jayewells (jayewells) jayewells's website

I write stuff about stuff.

kevinlucia (kevinlucia) kevinlucia's website

Guy Who Writes and Reads More Than Is Healthy

leatherzebra (Michele Lee) leatherzebra's website

Reviewer, writer, fictionphile

RaeLori (Rae Lori)

kapensy (Lynn Roethler)

Breast Cancer survivor, vegan, booklover, bookseller

fullofstars (fullofstars)

NeoSciFiScribe (NeoSciFiScribe)

LMAshton (Laurie Ashton Farook) LMAshton's website

Canadian expat in Sri Lanka. Writes science fiction & fantasy. Freelance writer & editor. Geek. Former accountant. Updates frequently.

FahimFarook (Fahim Farook) FahimFarook's website

Writer, editor, IT geek, and jack-of-many-trades. Wordpress and Joomla guru and mad PHP, SQL, Delphi, FoxPro, Java, and Flex/AIR coder.

zoetewey (zoetewey) zoetewey's website

Web developer/writer of an online superhero serial.

Jaye_Valentine (Jaye_Valentine) Jaye_Valentine's website

A writer of gay erotic fiction, a great cook, and an all around peachy guy.

the0phrastus (Chris Howard) the0phrastus's website

F&SF author of Seaborn, artist, software engineer

nicolaz (nicola griffith) nicolaz's website

English novelist in Seattle.

jay_lake (Jay Lake) jay_lake's website

Sf and fantasy writer

lynnejamneck (lynnejamneck) lynnejamneck's website

Writer. Editor. Academic. Likes Tea.

52Faces (52Faces) 52Faces's website

cinemafromage (cinemafromage) cinemafromage's website

Writer, Film Critic for Bloody Good, Horror Nerd, Computer Guy, Podcaster.

sunnarose (Amy Bai) sunnarose's website

crazy Mainah writer girl

mikodragonfly (miko) mikodragonfly's website

Science Fiction/Fantasy Writer - Creative Writing Enthusiast

astonwest (Aston West) astonwest's website

Writer of space opera novels and short stories

camerongoble (camerongoble) camerongoble's website

Tinker, teacher, baker, spy.

unclebear (Berin Kinsman) unclebear's website

escapist, iconoclast, roleplayer

sn0vember (sn0vember) sn0vember's website

i do not own a cell phone or pda. hahaha

dianarowland (dianarowland) dianarowland's website

Former cop, fomer morgue tech, current writer

cmpriest (cmpriest) cmpriest's website

I write books and stuff.

DrWicked (Jeff Printy) DrWicked's website

Mad Scientist, Writer, Podcaster, Creator of Fiendish Writing Tools

FelipeAzucares (don_felipe_azucares) FelipeAzucares's website

Magical realist, fabulist and speculative fiction writer, apparently.

LeeAHarris (LeeAHarris) LeeAHarris's website

Editor of Hub Magazine, and Assistant Editor for Angry Robot (Harper Collins) from Jan 09.

timestorm (Tim Moore) timestorm's website

I am a writer and IT consultant.

eileen_gunn (Eileen Gunn) eileen_gunn's website

Writer, editor, professional apophenist

danielmarcus (Daniel Marcus) danielmarcus's website

Author, retired sax player, technologist

tablewine (Evan Myquest) tablewine's website

doggerel walker

davidalexanderm (D.A. (S.E.) McDonald) davidalexanderm's website

Writer, composer, curmudgeon

johnottinger (John Ottinger) johnottinger's website

Book Reviewer and Blogger at Grasping for the Wind, editor in training

kimidreams (Kimi) kimidreams's website

Host of UF Podcast for Readers and Writers, podcast novelist soon to be, tarot reader, girl next door.

Graydancer (Graydancer) Graydancer's website

Ninja Sex Poodle & Ronin of Love

ciaralira (Ciara Stewart) ciaralira's website

Aspiring author, avid reader, world traveler

MeiLinMiranda (MeiLin Miranda) MeiLinMiranda's website

Online novelist, web developer, mom, all-around geek

aniraangel (aniraangel) aniraangel's website

A Writer, An Artist, A Dreamer

clarekrmiller (Clare K. R. Miller) clarekrmiller's website

Writer, knitter, vegan, pagan, geek

ChrisTejeda (ChrisTejeda) ChrisTejeda's website

Illusory delitante and Writer of web fiction

cajeck (cajeck) cajeck's website

I kir you.

jonfmerz (Jon F. Merz) jonfmerz's website

Novelist (author of the Lawson Vampire novels), screenwriter, non-fic author, TV dude (THE FIXER)

Nick_Kelly (Nick_Kelly) Nick_Kelly's website

Musician. Writer. Artist. Creative.

escape2earth (escape2earth) escape2earth's website

Philadelphia science fiction author.

DoorToRiver (Ruthanne Reid) DoorToRiver's website

Fantasy author struggling towards publication.

clarkesworld (clarkesworld) clarkesworld's website

Clarkesworld Magazine : Online Science Fiction & Fantasy

Zerbinetta (Gretchen McNeil) Zerbinetta's website

Author, Opera Singer, TV Producer, Voice Over Artist, Circus Freak.

anthony_HW (Anthony) anthony_HW's website

Hack Writer

RichRennicks (RichRennicks) RichRennicks's website

Father, bookseller, graphic designer, book club host, jack-of-many-trades

Sue_Moe (Sue Moe)

SF/F book and comics editor ... ial assistant

crossoverwriter (Catherine Stine) crossoverwriter's website


mlberry (Mike Berry) mlberry's website

San Francisco Chronicle Book Columnist. Marketing Copywriter. Cheap Ironist.

adeniro (Alan DeNiro) adeniro's website

Live and write outside St. Paul. Check out my website for a fun-size edition ofmy short story collection (from Small Beer Press) and other divers writing.

Danacea (Danie Ware) Danacea's website

Marketeer and PR for @forbiddenplanet (dotcom!); Writer, Warrior, Fitness Nut, Geek, Gamer, Art Toy Freak, Mum and Lemur!

ForbiddenPlanet (ForbiddenPlanet) ForbiddenPlanet's website

I am the largest cult Megastore in the world, the High Altar of Geek and I stock the best in movie and tv related swag; more info from @danacea

andycoughlan (Andy Coughlan) andycoughlan's website

Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Musician, Thinker, Programmer, Geek

Polenth (Polenth Blake) Polenth's website

Sparklie mushrooms invade Mars. Predicted by rabbits.

sjday (S.J. Day) sjday's website

author of the MARKED urban fantasy series

xalieri (Laszlo Xalieri) xalieri's website

Writer. On a first-name basis with my demons.

jennyrae (Jenny Rappaport)

Literary agent, author, and owned by a cat.

MichaelMeanwell (MichaelMeanwell) MichaelMeanwell's website

Author and Novelist

orbitbooks (Orbit Books) orbitbooks's website

A leading publisher of sf, fantasy and urban fantasy.

upwithgravity (MatthewSanbornSmith) upwithgravity's website

Livia_Llewellyn (Livia Llewellyn) Livia_Llewellyn's website

Secretary & dark fiction writer, who lives with Herbert the Centipede Overlord

mikesavastano (Mike Savastano) mikesavastano's website

techy geek father husband beereater

misguidance (Alicia)

I delight in books and tea.

angelofernandes (angelofernandes) angelofernandes's website

404 error

chrisgenoa (Chris Genoa) chrisgenoa's website

Author, blogger, idiot.

john_zeleznik (john_zeleznik)

High school English teacher and aspiring fantasy novelist.

parkcooper (parkcooper)

RolyatLeahcim (Rolyat Leahcim) RolyatLeahcim's website

loopstray (loopstray)

RogueBlades (Rogue Blades (RBE)) RogueBlades's website

Putting the SWORD back into Swordplay; the HERO back into Heroics!

brianrathbone (brianrathbone) brianrathbone's website

Author of the World of Godsland fantasy series

amandaSurraeon (amandaSurraeon)

I am an Artist who is always creating something. Such as: Music -singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Visual art - mixed media. Writer - Surraeon Movie

robt (RobT)

junkdnafiction (JunkDNA Fiction) junkdnafiction's website

Bizarro SMS Serial Fiction. B4 U SUBSCRIBE - READ:

digitalyn (Gabrielle C.) digitalyn's website

Chaotic Neutral Translator & Pin Up Girl for Frontal Assault

BJMuntain (BJ Muntain) BJMuntain's website

Canadian SF writer, blogger, and linguaphile

shunn (William Shunn) shunn's website

Hugo and Nebula Award-nominated science fiction writer, banned from Canada

tkelson (Lost)

getting old, fat, and tired

kenbrady (Ken Brady) kenbrady's website

Professional Media Geek

TheGenreFiles (TheGenreFiles) TheGenreFiles's website

My name is Darren Turpin and this is where I tweet about genre fiction, art, movies etc. See also @darrenturpin.

MathewFRiley (MathewFRiley) MathewFRiley's website

Bookgeek, writer, horror, erm...

sharlr (Sharon Ring) sharlr's website

Fierce warrior woman of the Sussex coastline

Sheamus (Sheamus Bennett) Sheamus's website

I am still trying to determine my purpose on this planet you call Earth. Meantime, I work as a stock market analyst for a hedge fund.

ariadoss (Danilo Stern-Sapad) ariadoss's website

Search Engine Marketer, Web Developer, Writer, Entrepreneur -

LouMorgan (Louise Morgan)

Wittering daily since 1980.

mattQmcgovern (mattQmcgovern) mattQmcgovern's website

Enthusiastic reader, writer, cellist, somewhat lovable propellerhead who works in software development.

fabiofernandes (fabiofernandes) fabiofernandes's website

editor, writer, translator, journalist, blogger, book reviewer, time-traveler extraordinaire

Cartazon (Stace Dumoski) Cartazon's website

One-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater.

hadesarrow (Meagan B. Call) hadesarrow's website

Artist, writer, and whatever else I feel like at any given moment.

twirledview (Darryl Parker) twirledview's website

:: Short stories composed in exactly 140 characters mostly in a science fiction / futuristic theme. Let me know if you are a 140 writer. Day job @DarrylParker.

WildwindE (WildwindE) WildwindE's website

Author, painter, metaphysician, webmaster, first mate, earthmother, land yacht owner

Emily_YA (Emily Hainsworth) Emily_YA's website

This is my brain on YA fiction...

TTApress (TTA Press) TTApress's website

Publisher of Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave and other things

tinaconnolly (tinaconnolly) tinaconnolly's website

spec fic writer and face painter

SciFiScoop (Darren) SciFiScoop's website

Sci Fi Scoop is a science fiction and fantasy news site.

newwriterone (William Bailey)

Speculations (Speculations) Speculations's website

"Not Just Another Parasitic Grown on the Butt of the Industry"

SpencerGrant (Spencer Grant) SpencerGrant's website


rumbacher (rumbacher) rumbacher's website

inkhaven (Christie Yant)

SF/F writer, unapologetic atheist, geek of various kinds.

iamshaylen (Shaylen Maxwell) iamshaylen's website

editing the novel from hell

betrayedzine (Betrayed! ZINE) betrayedzine's website

avant-pulp sci-fi OR weird science fiction for people with short attention spans

sfwa (SF&FWritersOfAmerica)

marjoriemliu (Marjorie Liu) marjoriemliu's website

Author, adventurer, and attorney!

PSGifford (Paul Gifford) PSGifford's website

Published horror author

jamesrollins (Author James Rollins) jamesrollins's website

Author of Subterranean,Excavation,Deep Fathom,Amazonia,Ice Hunt,Sandstorm,Map of Bones,Black Order,The Judas Strain,The Last Oracle), and Indiana Jones and...

DougLance (Doug Lance) DougLance's website

Thank you so much for following me!! Official twitter page of freelance writer Doug Lance, creator of worlds. People ask me to write poems or fiction.

JasonCosmo (Dan McGirt) JasonCosmo's website

Jason Cosmo is the hero of a fantasy adventure book series by Dan McGirt

NancyHightower (Nancy Hightower) NancyHightower's website

Fantasy writer, repped by Richard Curtis. Lover of chocolate, mangoes, and Neil Gaiman books.

JohnPaulAllen (John Paul Allen) JohnPaulAllen's website

I fell in love driving thru TN so I won her heart and moved here. Besides that I drink coffee and write stuff.

meika (meika) meika's website

no longer writes for humans

jacquelinekirk (jacquelinekirk) jacquelinekirk's website

Fantasy writer and artist

RocketeerJ (RocketeerJ)

A spiritual vagabond, a writer, a dreamer with aspirations. I got diamonds on the soles of my shoes.

carisastar1 (C. S. Johnson) carisastar1's website

Writer. Reader. Breather of air.

christinerose (christinerose) christinerose's website

author. artist. professor. tree-hugging animal-loving dirt worshipper.

bloggeratf (Alec Coquin) bloggeratf's website

JeffreyHite (Jeffrey Hite) JeffreyHite's website

Husband, Father, IT Pro, Writer, Podcaster

rabarts (Dan Rabarts) rabarts's website

JosephPascale (JosephPatrickPascale) JosephPascale's website

An author based in New Jersey, Joseph Patrick Pascale seeks 140 character nuggets of inspiration.

jolantru (jolantru) jolantru's website


zomboscloset (ILoz Zoc) zomboscloset's website

Where the cultured horrorheads go!

huwlangridge (Huw Langridge) huwlangridge's website

Writer of ghost stories and sci-fi stories and Head of Ops at CBC

babygrl52 (Jacqueline T. Banks) babygrl52's website

Author, semi retired agent, super mom,

Nayad (Nayad Monroe) Nayad's website

Nayad is a science fiction and fantasy writer, artist, mother of three boys, and slush reader for Clarkesworld Magazine.

rtmcmahon (Arthur McMahon) rtmcmahon's website

Writing stories, green, reggae rock, fishing for fish, burger and a brew, journeys and adventures...

ginsoakedboy (Brenton HarperMurray) ginsoakedboy's website

The most amazing person you ever met.

anubicdarque (anubicdarque) anubicdarque's website

Webcomic artist and resident looney

JKristiansson (J Kristiansson)

Games, MMORPGs, space, science, community management, social networking, self development, working in online gaming company and I love zombies and vampires :)

saskatoonauthor (Sean Cummings) saskatoonauthor's website

Author of UNSEEN WORLD available from Lyrical Press. SHADE FRIGHT a new urban fantasy novel, coming soon from Snowbooks.

MollyFyde (Molly Fyde) MollyFyde's website

Science fiction writer and book reviewer for

Gaven_Morren (Tale of Gaven Morren) Gaven_Morren's website

Follow the adventures of Gaven Morren, a luckless thief as he tries to escape Miir, the City of Shadows. An ongoing Tweetnovel on Twitter.

JeremyCShipp (JeremyCShipp) JeremyCShipp's website

Author of horror, fantasy, bizarro. I like yard gnomes and they like me. Tales in Cemetery Dance, Apex, ChiZine. Books: Vacation, Sheep and Wolves, Cursed.

MrGarthMarenghi (Garth Marenghi) MrGarthMarenghi's website

Author, dream weaver, visionary, plus actor

josephmonks (Joseph M Monks) josephmonks's website

Author and first blind film director. Blindness may take your sight, but it cannot steal your vision.

ShykiaBell (Shykia Bell) ShykiaBell's website

Author of Camileon

PeriPam (Pam Bachorz) PeriPam's website

Author of CANDOR (Egmont USA 09.22.09)

MadHatterReview (Mad Hatter) MadHatterReview's website

Book Reviewer of mostly SF/F and anything else that catches me.

JakePackardTMP (Jake Packard) JakePackardTMP's website

Author of The Manhattan Prophet and owner of a video production company

ChrisSShaw (Chris Shaw) ChrisSShaw's website

Six Word Memoir: Broken any bones? Nope. Should have.

SJATurney (SJA Turney) SJATurney's website

Writer; Software Engineer; Historian; Bum

DavidjBurrows (David Burrows)

whenismy ( whenismy's website

The authoritative web destination for original science fiction

shield_maiden (M.A. Hughes) shield_maiden's website

quirky. conservative. feminist. bookworm. politically incorrect. philosopher. Dr. Pepper addict. gamer. writer. part Machiavellian. woman of science. paradox.

NicoleZoltack (Nicole Zoltack) NicoleZoltack's website

A fantasy romance writer and stay at home mommy. WAHM I also publish strict romances under the pen name Nicolette Zamora.

lmpreston (Lila Preston)

CianDrake (Cian Drake)

scottsigler (Scott Sigler) scottsigler's website

New York Times Bestselling Author of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, and noted cough syrup addict.

troyworman (Troy Worman) troyworman's website

MatthewStait (Matthew Tait) MatthewStait's website

Dark Fiction writer. Dark Matter reader ...

stephenjsweeney (Stephen J Sweeney) stephenjsweeney's website

I Like Food

rarararach (Rachel S)

I am a sophomore in college, who studies English and Creative Writing, and is writing a retelling of Beauty & the Beast. I want to work in publishing.

Haggis_ (Steve Barber) Haggis_'s website

Evil Chihuahua

TheArtsReview (The Arts Review) TheArtsReview's website

Welcome to The Arts Review! The Official twitter of the MAGIC WARS book series view book events&read reviews on film, theatre&books by literary professional.

Robertsinferno (Robert) Robertsinferno's website

Aspiring Author, Fantasy, Mythical, and Sci Fi, United States Air Force Academy Senior, Blog Enthusiast, Lover of Life

ViresIntra (Vires Intra) ViresIntra's website

New small book publishing company. Focused currently on Fantasy, Horror, and Sci Fi

JeffreyBeesler (Jeffrey Beesler)

tuesday1984 (Caroline)


apstephens (A.P. Stephens) apstephens's website

Author of the book series: The White Shadow Saga. Look for THE STOLEN MOON OF LONDOR on iTunes and starting Sept 14! Paperback coming soon.

michaelmhughes (michaelmhughes) michaelmhughes's website


RudolphPearson (William Jones) RudolphPearson's website

Writer and editor with Chaosium and Elder Signs Press. I dabble in everything from fiction to RPGs to non-fiction.

txtriffidranch (Paul Riddell) txtriffidranch's website

Odd plants and oddities for odd people

tansyrr (Tansy Roberts) tansyrr's website

Tansy Rayner Roberts is an author, mother, doll merchant.

TomMarcinko (Tom Marcinko) TomMarcinko's website

Writer, editor

jmcdaid (John McDaid) jmcdaid's website

sf writer and localblogger from Portsmouth, RI

michaelcanfield (Michael Canfield) michaelcanfield's website

Keywords: writer, fantasy, horror, science fiction, slipstream. SFWA, books, TV.

Gregorythompson (Gregory Thompson) Gregorythompson's website

Writer of screenplays, Sci-Fi novels and short stories, and general information articles.

leavesof_blue (pineapple.)

i am a pineapple.

crashtest1 (Suzy Charnas) crashtest1's website

SF/F writer since forever, way too old for this

suzy (suzy kibodeaux) suzy's website

i am funny

Weyland (Weyland)

tonythescribe (Tony Sarrecchia) tonythescribe's website

Writer, NLP practitioner/trainer, talk show host. Independent-libertarian with a healthy distrust for all politicians.

R_Emrys (Ruthanna Emrys) R_Emrys's website

Writer, cognitive scientist, seneschal.

neverish (Never) neverish's website

Student, smalltime graphic designer, and aspiring author. This girl is composed of too much dreaming, too much tea, and too much geekery.

blipblipblam (Eleanor Medina) blipblipblam's website

Low volume prose technician is my favorite epithet.

GraylinFox (Graylin Fox) GraylinFox's website

Writer of SF&F poems, short stories, and an upcoming novel.

necol66 (neil colquhoun) necol66's website

Scottish author of the Jimmy & the Black Wind series of stories and other strange fiction.

UFW (UFW) UFW's website

UF, Urban Fantasy, the writers, & stories

ohthatluke (Luke T. Harwath)

a dramatist, adventurer, and polyglot. also the occasional video game: The Shotgun Princess series.

MTMcGuireAuthor (Mary McGuire) MTMcGuireAuthor's website

Humorous fantasy fiction author... the books are quite funny too.

RKCharron (R.K. Charron) RKCharron's website

I am passionate about writing, my children, reading, life, the universe and everything.

darusha (darusha) darusha's website

Long distance sailor, SF author, nerd.

Janet_Tait (Janet Tait)

OscarWindsor (Oscar Windsor-Smith) OscarWindsor's website

A man of his words

JBurridge (John Burridge) JBurridge's website


mattalbertson (Matt Albertson) mattalbertson's website

Aspiring writer. Professional fundraiser.

Stephen (Stephen Sclafani) Stephen's website

terry (terry Fernandez)

andrewsfuller (Andrew S. Fuller) andrewsfuller's website

Writer of speculative fiction. Editor of Three-lobed Burning Eye mag. Art director.

homeofleia (Ash MB)

A kung fu fighting-dancing queen of Polynesia, who spends her day spacing out and when time permits reading, and writing stories that are mostly true.

grokkery (Man from Mars) grokkery's website

Kamvision (Jason Baki) Kamvision's website

Aspiring Writer of speculative fiction (SF), Artist, Poet, Blogger, Creative Free Thinker, Tea (& coffee) drinker extraordinaire.

magneticcrow (Lisa Grabenstetter) magneticcrow's website

A writer and illustrator of speculative fiction. Requires trees and birds in order to function properly.

Overlords (The Overlords) Overlords's website

After over 15 years, the first two novels of The Overlords storyline are available for purchase!

BarteringAuthor (The Bartering Author) BarteringAuthor's website

msaw (msaw)

tanyatynjala (Tanya Tynjälä) tanyatynjala's website

Escritora de fantasía y ciencia ficción, Sci-fi and fantasy writter. Ecrivain de science fiction

davidjwilliams (David J. Williams) davidjwilliams's website

Author of SF/cyberpunk novels MIRRORED HEAVENS and BURNING SKIES (Bantam Spectra)

xcpublishing (xcpublishing) xcpublishing's website

Free fantasy web serial THE GAUNTLET THRONE by Cheryl Dyson and Xina Marie Uhl

CheQM8 (Eric J Bryant)

Tapping into the other 90% of my brain...

8 (8)

rippatton (Ripley Patton) rippatton's website

I write.

ZiggyKinsella (Ziggy Kinsella) ZiggyKinsella's website

Writer...lazy blogger..currently working on the second draft of my novel CLUBLAND and a novella called THE TOWER

Shoryland (Lein Shory) Shoryland's website

Writer, web designer, troublemaker

thorneash (ASH) thorneash's website

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams. Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before. ~Phantom

rynedp (Ryne Douglas Pearson) rynedp's website

Novelist, screenwriter, retired plumber.

dpitre7 (Dan Pitre)

Catholic. Poet. Autodidact.

shasqa (Chris Northern)

chris (Chris) chris's website

Husband, Dad, REALTOR, Friend, not always in that order...;-)

IndiaDrummond (India Drummond) IndiaDrummond's website

Writer. I like books with fast action, scary killers, fantasy worlds, and smutty sex. Maybe even all four at once.

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