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Beam Me Up Scotty... Farewell Tribute

by N. E. Lilly (January 2005)

GreenTentacles provided graphic design and web development services for The James Doohan Farewell Tribute, an officially licensed Star Trek Convention by Planet Xpo...

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Redesigning for the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society

by N. E. Lilly (December 2002)

In the middle of 2001, GreenTentacles redesigned the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society's (PSFS) website. Just in time for WorldCon2001 in Philadelphia...

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Nuketown After the Redesign

by Kenneth J. Newquist (February 2001)

In 1996 Kenneth Newquist created Nuketown, a speculative fiction e-zine and news source. In the year 2000 Nuketown was redesigned - here is the story in the editor's own words...

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A Survey of Nuketown

by Kenneth J. Newquist (December 2000)

In April 2000, in order to get a better sense of the direction that a redesign for Nuketown (a speculative fiction e-zine) should take, GreenTentacles conducted a survey on the Nuketown site - here is the story of the survey in the editor's own words...

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Branding Nuketown

by N. E. Lilly (October 2000)

A 'brand' is usually defined as a trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or manufacturer. From a marketing point of view we can look at brand as the overall experience that someone gets from your company...

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The Nuketown Logo Design

by N. E. Lilly (August 2000)

At the beginning of the site redesign for Nuketown it was decided that they needed a logo for marketing and branding purposes. At the time Nuketown had never had an honest to goodness logo...

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