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The Modern Business Fan

When Science Invaded Fiction

by Jeff Robinson (April 2002)

People have been writing for a long long time, but what exactly was it that caused the birth and development of what we would come to know as Science Fiction? Science Fiction hasn't been around very long...

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Nineteenth Century Technology and Society

by Jeff Robinson (February 2002)

Rapid advances in science and technology, a massive change in the relationship of people to work and economics, and destruction and creation of old and new societal forces. Sound familiar? At the edge of a new year it's good, and comforting, to look back at the changes in the 19th century that helped create modern speculative fiction...

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GenCon/WorldCon 2001 Review

by N. E. Lilly (November 2001)

In the summer of 2001 GreenTentacles got hit with a double whammy of conventions. That's right - the same volatile mix that hit the Midwest in 2000. GenCon/WorldCon. Whether it's a science fiction convention or a role-playing game convention - it's all good...

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D20: giving fans the keys to the asylum

by Kenneth J. Newquist (May 2001)

An overview of the D20 movement - how it began, and why it's a good thing...

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Self-Publishing: Is It For You?

by Thomas M. Sipos (April 2001)

Publishing has never been easier, cheaper, or more accessible. Whether you want to publish your novel, children’s book, or that RPG that you wrote in college, this extensive article tells you what’s what in the Self-Publishing Industry...

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Passion and Design

by Jason L Blair (March 2001)

Designing a game that no one may like. The market is untested, but it's something you must do. What's the point?...

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Mock-reality Web and Speculative Fiction

by N. E. Lilly (February 2001)

In the summer of 1999 a small web site publicized the discovery of footage that related to disappearances in Maryland in October of 1994. The footage was released in theaters across the nation and was a major success. It forced people to recognize that the Internet could be used to great effect... This is that story...

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Speculative Fiction Retail

by N. E. Lilly (January 2001)

Retail of speculative fiction products comes from specialty shops, mega-marts, and the more recent online mega-retailers. There is a certain way that the different types of retailers have traditionally worked together, but that is changing...

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A Speculative Christmas

by N. E. Lilly (December 2000)

The Holidays are filled with speculative fiction, for those who truly look. Whether it's a flying reindeer or animated snowmen, or even that cheery old Holiday classic, the Holidays belong to speculative fiction...

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The 2nd Wave of the Net Revolution

by Kenneth J. Newquist (November 2000)

Ken Newquist reacts to the current trend of reporting on the 'impending' Net Economy Crash... [mirrored from the October edition of]

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Our Visit to GenCon2000

by N. E. Lilly (October 2000)

GreenTentacles made the grueling twenty hour trip from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to visit GenCon 2000. The trip was not without its rewards however...

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